Carson Cottages •  40 Calhoun St (gps only). • Historic Bluffton [MAP]

THURSDAYS, Noon - 4pm


You are what you eat. We have heard it a thousand times but for many of us it hasn't translated to our diet and our lifestyles. Healthy diets equal a healthy body. Good nutrition starts with healthful cooking. Let the Farmers Market of Bluffton share some of its healthy insights.

Eat more veggies! For every vegetable, there is a season. Explore our market each week to discover what is in season.

Preparing home cooked meals makes healthy eating an easier goal. Our market offers not only fresh produce but freshly made pastas, sauces, meat, and much, much more to bring ease and excitement to everyday home cooking. Get cooking!

Cooking with the freshest ingredients locally available supports the "Farm to Table" movement and health. Come by each Thursday to choose your menu options.

Enjoy some of our recipe ideas and feel free to share some of yours also!

Dill Caper Seafood Sauce Strawberry Salad Quick Market Greens Basic Mustard Vinaigrette
Swiss Chard Recipe Squash Quesadillas Fried Apples Ala Bluffton Squash Soup